About Us

The purpose of the School Council is to:

  • Promote learning about the school's educational program & student achievement, and discuss & advise on matters of interest or concern to parents and students.
  • Enhance & promote collaboration between parents, students, the school and the community.
  • Support & sponsor school committees, fundraising activities/events and cultural, arts, social & athletic activities for students.

RAPT organizes fundraisers and events for the school which help to foster a sense of community. Through our fundraising efforts we are able to support and enrich student learning and help create an optimal educational environment for our children. We allocate fundraised monies according to established spending priorities and to benefit the school's overall operations.

RAPT COUNCIL 2021-2022

Dimitra Skandalis


Kathy Leventakis


Tanya Pootmans


Colleen Hasserjian


Georgia Panagiotopoulos


Diana Giannoulias

Executive Member

Amanda White

Executive Member

Irshad Mankrod

Executive Member