The Rippleton Association of Parents and Teachers (School Council) is more commonly known as RAPT. RAPT is a group of parent volunteers who work in collaboration with school administrators, staff and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

RAPT Info Package (PDF)

Rippleton & TDSB Updates

Monday June 28th, 2021

End of Year School Wide Magic Show Celebration

Covid-19 Student Screening Health Pass

Rippleton families are being asked to use the PAPER screening pass, until September 25th.

Follow the self-screening protocols and complete with your signature if your child does not display any of the symptoms.

Students should have the signed health pass in their hand when they line up in the morning. This will make it easier for their teacher to check and see who has completed it.

Parents can still log into the app to get it setup, but even if you able to gain access, the school is asking families to still use the paper pass for the time being.

All students will be sent home with a paper copy to use for the next week and a half.

To download and print the paper form at home, please hover over and click the picture below:

Watch the Return to Rippleton Slideshow (click slide below to launch)

Links to TDSB Information & Staggered Entry Schedule for Reopening of Schools

For more information on the TDSB's plans for returning to school in September 2020, please visit the links below:

What in-class school will look like... (video linked below)

August 25th, 2020 - Ward 11 Forum

Return to School Sideshow Presentation
Meeting Q&A's by Ward 11 Superintendents

RAPT Messages

Next RAPT Meeting - Wednesday June 23rd @ 6:45pm via ZOOM

Make sure to label all your child's school belongings, especially their masks!

Direct Donations to Rippleton P.S.

This is a reminder that at any point throughout the school year Direct Donations can be made online at .

A direct donation to the school is an excellent way of contributing to RAPT’s fundraising efforts, as all proceeds from donations go directly to the students through our annual school budget process.

In the past, this fund has paid for things like; sports equipment, school yard upgrades, Scientist in the Schools, Artist visits, Anti-Bully Programmes, musical instruments, STEM equipment, etc.

Thank you to all those families that have contributed to our direct donation drive this school year.

In previous school years, between $9-12,000 was donated to Rippleton through direct donations. To date this year, our donations are $6,500.

RAPT’s fundraising efforts are very important to Rippleton’s school community; many of the wonderful additional things that take place in the classrooms and around our school can only happen with assistance of parental contribution and involvement.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support to enrich student life at Rippleton.

On behalf of the student and staff of Rippleton, we thank you.

Step 1: Login to and select your student

Step 2: Click on the Make a Donation link in the right-hand corner of the screen

Step 3: From the drop-down menu bar titled Fund Destination, select Rippleton Public School

Step 4: In the comment box “Message to the School Board” please state- Direct Donation-School Council Support